Perils of the Nentir Vale

Reavers of Harkenwold, Chapter III

Gathering Allies: Part 1

Morning in Tor’s Hold came quicker for the fey than the dwarves, and Syn stole downstairs where she rented a pole and bait to fish at the nearby pond. When the scent of breakfast wafted its way upstairs, Feyr had his food delivered to his room. Syn returned some hours later with a handful of freshly caught fish. She offered them to her hosts at the inn, who graciously accepted and cooked them for the party’s breakfast. She then brought Heffgar and Vistra a pitcher of ale to get them on their feet.
Circle soldier
As the adventurers planned out their next moves, a half dozen Iron Circle soldiers arrived in the common room and began harassing the locals and the owners of the inn. The commotion did not go unnoticed by the party. As they attempted to quietly exit, intending to draw the soldiers out of the establishment after them, one of the Circle footmen pointed them out to his superior. She took one quick look at the group and addressed them harshly, reprimanding them for going about armed. “We can discuss this outside, away from the common folk,” Feyr suggested. “I don’t care about this rabble,” she replied, “but, sure. You first.” She motioned to the door as the soldiers rose, hands on their weapons.

The two groups met on the field in front of the old building, the ground partially shadowed as the late morning sun danced behind clouds in the sky above. The Circle footmen traded words with the party until finally the party’s refusal to give up their weapons and Feyr’s decision to make it known that they were responsible for waylaying the Circle’s tax collection wagon brought them to blows.

Only one young human footman remained standing when the dust had settled. The party brought him to the villagers for justice, and the villagers in turn named him a traitor. He was promptly hauled off to his family for punishment. The party was then introduced to Bran Torsson, the elder of Tor’s Hold. The old man was flustered at the mention of Circle soldiers in the area, and ranted a bit about the grief the frog men were causing their small enclave before the party calmed him and explained what they had accomplished in the last few days.

Once assured that the bullywugs were no longer a threat and reassured that the resistance was continuing apace, Bran was happy to volunteer what he could to break the Iron Circle’s grip on Harkenwold.

The party returned straightaway to deliver the news to Reithann, who congratulated them and then sent them back (but not before offering refreshments) to Dar Gremath in Albridge, suggesting they inquire about the Woodsinger Elves. Dar was more than pleased to see them again, and agreed that their help in recruiting the elves to the south would be appreciated. Like the people of Tor’s Hold, the Woodsingers were reluctant to offer their aid due to problems of their own, which they would not discuss with outsiders.

On the road from Albridge to the southern reaches of Harken Forest, the party came across the remains of the village Marl. As they observed the charred ruins of the village from a distance, they saw a dire rat run past in the empty street, then a bloodseeker drake followed in its path and returned moments later with the rodent’s limp body gripped in its scaled jaws. Syn went ahead to investigate and look for survivors, and returned to report the presence of goblins in one of the buildings.

What they found when they went to confirm this was several goblins laying in wait for them. A brief scuffle later, they smashed through a pair of barred cellar doors and into a storage room where another handful of goblins and their trained drakes failed to defend their stolen stores of foodstuffs. A quick sweep of the village turned up only more rodents.

By the end of the day, they found themselves just inside the border of Harken Wood, where a band of elven scouts, led by Israfen intercepted them. Once assured of their motives, he led them to the Woodsinger encampment, where Eriyel challenged them to end the harassment her people were suffering from the Daggerburg goblins to the west. She agreed that she would consider joining the strength of her people to the efforts in Harkenwold if the party was successful in dispelling this problem. She granted them permission to spend the night within the camp, and under the light of the moon, Israfen came to them to warn them that some dark magics may be bolstering the courage of the goblins…

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Session XP: 1242 (310 per PC)
Cumulative XP: 10007 (3003 per PC)
Session GP: 20gp
Cumulative GP: 455gp, 760sp
Other Treasure: small blue topaz and silver brooch (50gp)



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