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Fallcrest stands amid the Moon Hills at the falls of the Nentir River. Here travelers and traders using the old King’s Road that runs north and south, the dwarven Trade Road from the east, and the river all meet. The surrounding ridges shelter several small valleys where farmers and woodsfolk live; few are more than six or seven miles from the town. In general the people outside Fallcrest’s walls earn their living by farming or keeping livestock. and the people inside the walls are artisans, laborers, or merchants. People with no other prospects can make a hard living as porters, carrying cargo from the Lower Quays to the Upper Quays (or vice versa).

Fallcrest imports finished goods from the larger cities downriver and ironwork from the dwarf town of Hammerfast, and exports timber, leather, fruit, and grain. It also trades with the nearby town of Winterhaven. The surrounding hills hold several marble quarries that once produced a good deal of stone, but the area has little demand for ornamental stone these days, and only a few stone-cutters still practice their trade.1
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Locations in Fallcrest

  • Moonsong Temple: The largest temple in Fallcrest, this building sits just north of the Moonwash Falls on the eastern cliff face, where its white minarets can be seen from any corner of Lowtown. It is home primarily to priests of Sehanine, though worshipers of Corellon, Melora, and Avandra are also welcomed by the High Priest, Ressilmae Starlight.
  • Nentir Inn: Newer and larger than its rival — though much more affordable — this building sits on the west bank of the river, just next to the bridge in Hightown.
  • Septarch’s Tower: This lonely structure is a tall, seven-sided spire of pale green stone that doesn’t match anything else in the town. The tower is the property of Nimozaran the Green, an elderly wizard.1 A bridge connects the outcropping of rock the tower sits upon to the bluff just south of the Moonwash Falls.
  • Silver Unicorn Inn: Nentir’s oldest inn has a reputation for excellent service, though not without a commensurate cost. Sitting just outside the gates of Moonstone Keep, this establishment also occasionally hosts official business of the Lord Warden that he doesn’t have time to see to personally.
  • Temple of Erathis: Situated centrally in Hightown and the largest temple in Fallcrest, this building is unmistakable with its 30-foot-tall domed roof and marble accents. Within are shrines to Ioun and Moradin. High Priest Dirina Mornbrow oversees things here.

1 Preceding text taken from the Dungeon Master’s Kit.


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