Tag: Kalton Manor


  • Skull of Anarus

    This is the skull of the necromancer Anarus Kalton, the last hereditary heir to the [[Kalton Manor | Kalton estate]]. *Art:* Vanitas Still Life (1630), by Pieter Claesz

  • The Anarusi Codex

    A sinister, thick black book filled with mad ravings about necromancy and dark magic, and rituals related to such things. *Art:* Vanitas Still Life (1630), by Pieter Claesz

  • Kalton Manor

    A small, half-finished keep raised by Lord Arrol Kalton about two hundred years ago. Now slowly falling into ruin on lands wedged between the [[Witchlight Fens]] and [[Harken Forest]].[1] * *Quests:* [[Weird Lights On the Moor]] * *Adventure Logs:* [[ …