Tag: Ghost Tower


  • Skull of Anarus

    This is the skull of the necromancer Anarus Kalton, the last hereditary heir to the [[Kalton Manor | Kalton estate]]. *Art:* Vanitas Still Life (1630), by Pieter Claesz

  • The Anarusi Codex

    A sinister, thick black book filled with mad ravings about necromancy and dark magic, and rituals related to such things. *Art:* Vanitas Still Life (1630), by Pieter Claesz

  • Traevus

    * *What is known?* Traevus is a dwarf wizard, likely a necromancer. * *First meeting?* Traevus was encountered in the Ghost Tower of the Witchlight Fens, where he aided the PCs in defeating several dire rats. He claimed to be seeking a powerful magic …