Perils of the Nentir Vale

The Ghost Tower, Part II

Unraveling Fortunes

Ghost tower small Their initial foray into the dungeon beneath the Ghost Tower having left them exhausted, the adventurers found a suitable place in the cold, damp rooms to rest for a time before exploring further. When they were ready, they pressed on with the added company of the dwarf, Traevus.

They began by exploring beyond the second set of doors in the crypt room, where they ventured down a hallway, past an antechamber that filled with green flame and a noxious smoke when they entered, and into a large room where statues of bugbears crowded from wall to wall. Beyond the statues, green fire flickered in the clawed, stone hands of a vrock statue. At the feet of the demon lay a large pile of silver that reflected the light of the flames.

As Yzerman stepped forward into the room, he was attacked and grabbed by one of the bugbear statues. Their obstacle revealed, the adventurers carefully made their way through the room, working their way through the statues, feeling out their weaknesses as the stone creatures attempted to impede their progress. Only after destroying two thirds of the statues, with Traevus watching from the hallway, were they finally able to reach the vrock. Syndriel wasted no time in scaling the beast to pry out its amethyst eyes. (500 XP)

Amidst the silver coins lay another of the strange bluish metal bars, which Syn also claimed. The room cleared, Yzerman led the group back to the tombs and down through one of the bottomless sarcophagi into a small room, illuminated only by the faint blue light of an arcane circle, within which a third metal bar hovered. WraithSensing they would be of little or no help, Yzerman, Syndriel and Miyeu left Traevus and Feyr alone in the room. The dwarf proved little help as he stood by and watched the eladrin work to unbind the circle’s magic.

The magic shifted in hue from blue, to purple, to red… and finally to black as Feyr’s efforts failed. In the darkness, shadows coalesced and spawned two wraiths, which quickly moved to attack the bladesinger. Though the other three rejoined him in the room to destroy the shadowy creatures, the wraiths took a toll on the adventurers before they were defeated and the third bar could be claimed. (400 XP)

Descending into the chamber beneath the second sarcophagus, they found a large statue of a marilith, holding in its hands a crystal platform. Upon the platform stood four smaller statues: a dretch made of brick, a dust devil made of clay, an ochre jelly made of amber, and a specter made of glass.
Once Feyr determined that the statues were designed to summon the creatures they represented, the adventurers tested the magic by conjuring the dretch. Yzerman stepped forward to banish the demon, but doing so only sent it back to its statuette. So, one by one, the creatures were brought forth and slain. (750 XP)

Feeling taxed, they chose to pause before using the collected pieces of the ward key on the strange purple mist. Resting twice in the uncomfortable crypt left them feeling worn and aching as Feyr assembled the four pieces and, once together, they expanded to part the curtain of magical fog.

In the chamber beyond, they were confronted by a strange sight: a spectral figure with no head. The ghost named them thieves and ordered its skeletal servants to attack. The battle proved fierce, as the skeletons defended their master while he cackled and taunted the foursome with vague rants about “revenge”. In the midst of the battle, it was revealed that the dwarf, Traevus was with them, hiding behind one of the sarcophagi. As the ghost advanced to attack the dwarf, though, he was stopped by Feyr and Yzerman.

Enraged, the ghostly necromancer turned the full might of his powers and the undead warriors upon the adventurers. Though they managed to slay him, the toll was high. Each of the adventurers fell under the brunt of the assault, as did their mysterious dwarf companion. Only by a stroke of luck did Feyr and Syn manage to survive.

The duo regrouped outside of the skeletons sight and managed to finish the creatures off, collecting a large share of wealth that had been hidden in two more unfinished sarcophagi beyond the mist, as well as a skull with arcane markings that had been in the dwarf’s possession… (1,300 XP)

Related Quests: Weird Lights On the Moor
Session XP: 2950 + 125 quest XP (863 per PC)
Cumulative XP: 5225 (1433 per PC)
Session GP: 90gp, 600sp
Cumulative GP: 140gp, 600sp
Other Treasure: amethysts x2 (100gp/each), onyx stones x2 (100gp/each), 20 ancient gold pieces, +2 Amulet of Protection, Hedge Wizard’s Gloves, Healing Potion (Heroic Tier), The Anarusi Codex, Skull of Anarus



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