Perils of the Nentir Vale

The Ghost Tower, Part I

What Lies Beneath?

Ghost tower
In the southernmost reaches of the Nentir Vale, on the eastern edge of the Witchlight Fens lies the long-abandoned Kalton estate. Of late, rumors have found their way up to the taverns and streets of Fallcrest of a strange tower on those lands whose stones produce an eerie glow in the light of the moon.

These tales captured the attention of Yzerman, a follower of Sehanine. With Ressilmae Starlight’s encouragement, he recruited a drow ranger named Syndriel, and a half-elf druid named Miyeu to accompany him to investigate this mysterious phenomenon.

Meanwhile, unknown to this trio of adventurers, an eladrin bladesinger named Feyr had also been sent to explore the tower by a small contingent of eladrin currently situated in Fallcrest. Arriving shortly before the others, he made his way into the spectral tower. Within, he discovered a stairwell, partly hidden by luminous rubble. He had only just reached the base of the stairs when he was approached from behind by Syn.

In the midst of a brusque and guarded exchange, the four were interrupted by undead approaching from the next chamber. A handful of zombies shambled forward, wasting no time in attacking and grabbing at the adventurers! They were destroyed fairly quickly, and a quick search of the room they originated from revealed little but rusty cages, long emptied. (700 XP)

Agreeing to work together, they pressed forward, only to find a large, empty room awaiting them. Proceeding cautiously, the room’s secrets revealed themselves as a false step triggered large, scything blades to swing from the ceiling at the unsuspecting occupants. Although a control mechanism was discovered in the opposite wall, they were unable to disarm the device and instead forced the doors adjacent to the device open and fled the room with haste. (0 XP)

Their exit led to another room, populated by four sarcophagi and several piles of bone, which sprang to life, assembling into armed and armored skeletons. As the adventurers fought them off, they were attacked from above by a shadowhunter bat that had been lurking in the darkness near the ceiling. Once every threat was put down, searching each sarcophagus revealed them to be the final resting place of members of the Kalton family. From one, they recovered a golden circlet and a Frost Longsword with markings dating it back to the earliest days of the Nentir Vale. (625 XP)

The remaining two sarcophagi proved to be bottomless, and within each an old, fraying rope ladder descended into a chamber below. Two sets of heavy doors also offered ways out of the tomb. But the adventurers attention was first drawn to a strange, swirling, opaque mist at the far end of the room. Feyr determined it to be a magical ward, and that they would need some sort of key to dispel it.
Dire rat
Opting to explore what lay beyond the northern set of doors first, they forced the heavy oak open and made their way down a dark hallway which split and ended in two rooms. In the first they were ambushed by a pair of deathjump spiders, and in the second they were nearly done in by several dire rats and swarms of their smaller kin. As things began to look bleak, they were joined by a strange dwarf who later introduced himself as Traevus. Wielding necromantic magics, he assisted them in slaying the unusually sized rodents. (950 XP)

The rat infested room appeared to once be an arcane laboratory, though most of the materials were ruined by the animals. As Traevus searched the ancient bookcases, the adventurers managed to salvage an Orb of Sanguinary Repercussions, an odd metal bar (with a faint hit of magic to it), and a tome bound in brick red leather, titled simply, “Orcus”.

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Session XP: 2275 (570 per PC)
Session GP: 50gp
Other Treasure: gold circlet (90gp), +1 Frost Longsword, +1 Orb of Sanguinary Repercussions, Healing Potion (Heroic Tier)



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