Perils of the Nentir Vale

Reavers of Harkenwold, Chapter II

Making Enemies

The trek west from Reithann’s grove to the westernmost reaches of Harkenwold was the better part of a day’s journey for Syndriel, Heffgar, Vistra, and Feyr.
Bullywug leaper
They crossed a small bridge over a stream slowly working its way to join the White River as the sun was setting. Syn spotted a waterfall to the north, cascading down from an elevated cave mouth. Believing this to match the description of the Toadwallow Caverns that they were given, the group approached cautiously. They scaled the slick, rocky, vine covered cliff-side and were greeted by the javelins and spears of several bullywugs. Though the amphibious humanoids were joined by a small swarm of stirges, the adventurers dispatched all of the creatures and moved deeper into the cave. (700 XP)

An adult black dragon’s skull sat in the middle of the large cavern. Accompanied by a deep and menacing croak, bolts and bursts of magical energy crackled and struck at the adventurers from one of the skull’s empty eye sockets. A half dozen more bullywugs emerged from the shadows, and after another commanding croak, two gray oozes crept up and out of a refuse pit to join the toadmen. When only the thing in the skull remained, it croaked a plea of surrender, offering to share its hoard with the group in exchange for its life. (740 XP)

They agreed, and from the skull crawled another bullywug, a gnarled staff in its hand. They were led to a side cavern, where, beneath a pile of skulls, they discovered hundreds of gold pieces. As they dug out the coins, a muffled plea caught their attention and from the bottom of the pile they rescued a bound and gagged pixie. The group inquired with the bullywug as to how this came about, the creature could only shrug and say, spitefully, “Thought it was big bug! Tried to eat it, but it hit me with its axe!” Once freed of his bindings, he thanked the adventurers and declared himself a “prince” of the pixies. In thanks, he handed his small axe to Vistra, bestowed a boon upon Syn, and with a dash of dust set Heffgar floating above the floor before flying off into the night.
Bullywug leaders
They sent the lone remaining bullywug off on his way and as they made their own way out of the cave, a bellowing croak echoed throughout the damp rock walls. Near the entrance, another three bullywugs had gathered, led by the largest thus far. With them were two huge frogs the size of bears and a young halfling kept on a rope by the largest of the frogmen. In the distance, the released bullywug watched on.

As the battle began, Heffgar quickly found himself swallowed up by one of the frogs, which then leaped off with him in its gullet. Feyr nearly found himself in a similar predicament, but escaped from the jaws of the beast, and saved Heffgar as well while Syn and Vistra dealt with the others. (750 XP)

Feyr and Heffgar cornered the lone bullywug they had let go, and upon learning that there were no other bullywugs and that he was the chieftan, Feyr quickly put an end to him. The halfling had run away during the fight, but they found him not far off and although it was already late, agreed to see him home. Hours later, as they walked the banks of the White River, they found a Reedfoot Clan keelboat and sent the halfling back to his worried mother. The clan elder, Merric, suggested they seek out Tor’s Hold, due north if they needed safe lodgings for the night. Resignedly, they made the march and found a small inn by a fishing pond to end their long day.

Related Quests: Opening Salvos, Reedfoot Rescue
Session XP: 2190 + 125 & 150 quest XP (823 per PC)
Cumulative XP: 8765 (2693 per PC)
Session GP: 195gp, 160sp
Cumulative GP: 435gp, 760sp
Other Treasure: healing potion (Heroic Tier), level 3 magic item, level 4 magic item, sapphire (100gp), flawed emerald (100gp)



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