Perils of the Nentir Vale

Reavers of Harkenwold, Chapter I

On The Road To Adventure

Upon returning to Fallcrest after their ordeal in the dungeon of the Ghost Tower, Syndriel and Feyr spent a couple days recuperating at the Silver Unicorn Inn. Feyr was notified that the contingent of eladrin he had traveled from the Feywild with had departed, and his contact (after taking delivery of the tome) notified him that their patron wished him to stay behind to spread “good will” with the locals. He was left with a generous sum to cover expenses. Syn also found herself alone, having lost her druid acquaintance and a brief adventuring partner to the undead of the Tower.

Meanwhile, a handful of dwarf masons arrived from Hammerfast and departed for a destination south of Fallcrest shortly thereafter. They left behind two adventurous kin who had journeyed with them, offering protection along the Trade Road. When a notice went up on behalf of Lord Warden Markelhay, requesting adventurers report to the Silver Unicorn and promising reward, both the fey and the dwarfs responded.
Silver unicorn inn   small
Having arrived first, Feyr entered negotiations with the Lord Warden’s representative. She informed him that the job offered was to investigate rumors of attacks on the steadings to the south, collectively known as Harkenwold. Heffgar and Vistra arrived from the Nentir Inn, and agreed to accompany the drow and the eladrin. Vistra in particular was concerned that her sister (one of the dwarf masons headed south barely a week prior) might have been caught up in this violence.

Setting out the next day, despite the ground turned to mud from an unseasonal storm the night before, they made decent time past the Moon Hills and through the western reaches of Harken Forest. They were only a few miles out of the woods when a plume of smoke arose from behind a low hill in the distance. Investigating, they came upon a small house with a walled courtyard. Within the yard, several armed humanoid figures approached the home with burning torches as the roof of a small shed burned.

The foursome routed the bandits in short order, much to the surprise of the steading’s resident, Ilyana, a half-elf, and her two sons. She thanked them and suggested they seek out a man by the name of Dar Gremath in the village of Albridge to the south, or Reithann, a druid living in a small wooded area nearby if they were indeed interested in these soldiers. She named as members of the Iron Circle, and said they had been terrorizing the local villagers for several weeks now. (650 XP)

After interrogating and getting limited information from the one surviving soldier, they buried the dead and left him bound in the forest. Upon arriving in Albridge, they sought out and were tasked with ambushing a cadre of soldiers transporting valuables to Harken by Dar Gremath. They also found the druid, who suggested that exterminating a band a bullywugs in the west would be beneficial to the cause. Before they left her small hut, Heffgar requested a drink. She happily offered him tea. The dwarf was not impressed.
Iron defender
The next morning they set out along the road south of Albridge to a ring of standing stones, where they laid their ambush for the Iron Circle. The wagon appeared on the road as scheduled, led by a construct of metal and magic; an iron defender in the shape of a powerful hound. The soldiers and the beast put up a fight, and by the skin of their teeth Heffgar and Feyr managed to stop the cart when their commander attempted to escape with it. (700 XP)

Taking three prisoner, including the commander, they led the wagon back to Albridge. Feyr found Dar Gremath at the local inn, The Mallard, and turned the strongbox full of tax money over to him at his house before the group left with their captives back to the druid’s grove. Reithann was reluctant to agree to tend to the Circle soldiers, but agreed when Feyr offered her custody of the horse and wagon.

The adventurers stayed the night at the grove, planning to set out the next day for the Toadwallow Caverns.

Related Quests: Opening Salvos
Session XP: 1350 + 100 quest XP (438 per PC)
Cumulative XP: 6575 (1870 per PC)
Session GP: 100gp (+50gp each to Heffgar & Vistra)
Cumulative GP: 240gp, 600sp
Other Treasure: healing potion (Heroic Tier), level 2 magic item, 2 red glass eyes



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